To see the online archive of the St. Brigid's 150 project, click on the link below:-

The photographs are grouped into sets down the right hand side, which can be viewed by clicking on each set.

The archive is in an embryonic stage at present. I hope to build on it considerably over the course of 2011. Comments are very welcome, especially if you can identify individuals in the photos.

If you have photographs you wish to contribute to the archive, please get in touch by e-mail (see 'contact me', above). If you wish to comment on photos, perhaps to identify people in them, you are welcome to do so by leaving a comment under the relevant photo. To do this you will first need to sign up with Flickr (which is free).

I am happy to provide a disk of any photographs to anyone, free of charge, but I would prefer to hold off from doing this until we have a more extensive archive, perhaps towards the end of 2011.