I grew up in Kilbirnie, and attended St. Bridget's Primary School in the 1970s.

My mother's uncle, Bernard Nugent was Primary 7 teacher at the school until his retirement in 1976. He had taught there since the 1940s and was a keen amateur photographer. Being well known in the parish amongst pupils and parents alike, invevitably he ended up taking many photographs of weddings, First Communions, class group photographs, parish events, etc., as well as streetscapes in and around Kilbirnie and Glengarnock.

Since I shared his passion for photography, he kindly bequeathed to me his archive of photographs and negatives a few years prior to his passing, in 1997.

It occurred to me that this collection could easily sit in a cupboard gathering dust, when in fact it may be of great interest to many people. The advent of digital photography however now makes it possible to scan these images, and once digitised they can easily be shared with countless other people and viewed via a pc, mobile phone or television.

The increasing popularity of genealogy has created a demand for such material, and I have decided to create an archive of it.

I intend to make anything I have available to anyone who wants it, in the hope that it will generate a forum for others to likewise share any similar material they have.